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Performance, Analysis…
As Performance Analysis Engineer for SWRT, it was my role to understand and improve upon the techniques used for analysisng the performance of a WRC car. This is a often a much more complex task than analysing a circuit car’s performance due to road degradation, changing conditions and time constraints on road usage. Use of advanced grip analysis, and deeper performance metrics, split analysis and advanced suspension/differential/tyre analysis techniques can unlock all of the performance potential from the rally car.

Competitive Edge…
But its not all about the data. I have worked with literally every level of driver, and am able to help the driver get the most out of himself and the car. Whilst part of SWRT and as a Customer Engineer I was responsible for disaster management during the event, requiring a deep understanding of all of the car systems on every Subaru WRC that has ever competed. Pace bring extra tools and resource to help you get the most out of your rally programme, by ensuring that preparation and support before and during the event is of works team standard.

Pace can support you by bringing a decade of top level WRC experience to your teams design, test and rally programme.

So get in contact – and get on the Pace

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