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Performance, Analysis…
Data Analysis in most forms of racing is surprisingly/disappointingly basic. Pace Motorsport can provide improved techniques that allow a much deeper and more elegant understanding of the vehicle and driver. Tools that have successfully been proven to improve laptime include grip analysis for discrete cornering modes, differential analysis based on inside/outside wheel slip, yaw and neutral steer analysis, advanced lap/driver comparison techniques to understand the reasons for the lap time delta.

Competitive Edge…
But its not all about the data. I have worked with literally every level of driver, and am able to get the most out of all of them. Pace have developed tools to assist race strategy calls, actual delta to fastest during sessions (corrected for fuel levels and tyres), have developed techniques to analyse and improve pit stops as well as specifying, outlining, running and analysing test programmes with a view to improving understanding of the car, and ultimately lap time.

Pace can support your programme at Race or Data Engineer level, and can provide support for track, test or workshop.

So get in contact – and get on the Pace

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